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Flavio Zamberlan

I’m an Italian photographer living in Rome, Italy. I’ve been working on my photography for ten years and I have experience in most of its practical applications. As a child I was fascinated by image and had an intuitive sense of its power, then the long hours spent in front of the lens confirmed this vocation and thought me the ability of photography to capture, in an instant, the truth of the incessant flow of life.

I feel however that in the last two years, after having known Master Eolo Perfido, which has become a reference point for my work and a sort of spiritual guide, I have found my true path: street photography and portraits photography. In other words in my photographs the interest in the human figure is predominant. Away from the Palace where I work as a parliamentary assistant where order is a fiction necessary for rituals that seems empty, there’s the disordered but authentic movement of life. It’s here that I feel in my element, where I discovered the smells, the lights, the colors ,the continuous modification of the shape.

There is a tension in me between my passion and my real work that is solved only through photography. Away from the formal perfection of political traditions there is something profoundly imperfect, but also profoundly true, in the convulsive life of the city. Walking alone in the streets…me and my leica trying to make a passing moment everlasting.

This has revealed to me how every city is, above anything else a unique space with its own symbols, archetypes, values, and ideas. As for me I’m not interested in displaying my values, I don’t want to show who I am rather than to show who we are, to show the authenticity of life in the streets. In fact the most important thing that street photography has thought me is that relationships invite us to show a social face to the world but in the paradoxical solitude of the crowded city each person reveals who he or she truly is, reveals us the authentic substance that moves behind the mask of social conventions.

Thus, capturing the true essence of the people, the inimitable trait of each, I’ve been able to experience a feeling of profound empathy. Perhaps is this that pushes me every day, again and again onto the streets in search of new revelations.

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